Not a superhero. Just super. 

Namaste, friend. Congrats, for fate and Google's proprietary search algorithms have brought us together!

I've sold everything I own and am traveling the world in search of bigger and better ways to bring happiness to you / me / your mom. 


Want to explore medieval German castles in search of greater consciousness and avocado toast? Postulate the efficacies of hip hop yoga? Confirm once and for all if a fecal transplant is really a thing? (It is.) Then is right for you. 

If nothing else I am a man of esteemed credentials, including:

  • Health nut. Yoga teacher. Ironman.  

  • Full-time vegetarian. Part-time kombucha connoisseur.

  • Meditator. Minimalist. Spotify snob. 

  • Lover of the mountains, petting random dogs, talking to strangers and women in red dresses

Still there? Great, let's get started. Just pull up a chair, or better yet, stay standing. Sitting hurts your prostate. 

man petting deer

This deer was unharmed in the making of this blog. He was also unpaid.