3 Awesome (and Free) Meditation Resources

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Maybe you’ve wanted to try meditation but don’t know how to begin and don’t want to spend any money. Chillax, my young grasshopper. Krishna appeared to me on a piece of toast and requested I tell you about these 3 helpful resources:

Insight Timer

This is a great app for beginning and advanced meditators alike. Self-touted as “the largest library of free guided meditations on Earth,” Insight Timer offers over 10,000 meditations that can be set for any duration. Plus, you can add ambient music or just sit in silence.

But, wait, there’s more! Want to meet fellow meditators and join groups from all over the world? This app has it.

Want to listen to meditation experts share their personal strategies for greater mindfulness? This app has that.

Want to watch me turn down countless supermodels? This app does not have that.

Insight Timer even has courses like “Learn How to Meditate in 7 Days” and somewhat-unrelated-to-meditation-yet-super-cool courses such as “How to Make Peace With the Body You Live In.”

10% Happier

One of my favorite podcasts, 10% Happier will probably make you much happier than its title implies.

After having a massive panic attack in front of millions of viewers during a live news segment on Good Morning America, journalist Dan Harris decided it was time to discover the source of his pain. So, he turned to meditation.

And it wasn’t long before Dan started feeling better. So much, in fact, that he wrote a book outlining strategies for inner peace through his meditative learnings. That book became 10% Happier and not long after, Dan started a podcast with the same title dedicated to mindfulness training.

Subscribe to 10% Happier and listen to Dan interview guests each week as they share ideas and success stories for overcoming the ups and downs of life through the ups and downs of meditation.

Dan is inspiring, relatable and his guests are always intriguing. His podcasts drop every Wednesday.

Side note: You can also visit 10percenthappier.com for other resources, but some are not free.

Vipassana Retreat

Imagine a 10-day retreat that offers healthy food, takes care of all your needs, and teaches you the meditation technique of Buddha … for free. Yes, a free retreat.

It gets better.

A Vipassana retreat is run by dedicated and experienced meditators. They are all volunteers who passionately serve attendees with a committed spirit and integrity of the teachings.

Sound amazing? It is.

But beware – it’s not easy.

I took a Vipassana retreat a few years ago and while I can’t recommend it enough, you should be warned it will challenge you in ways you won’t be prepared for.

First of all, you'll meditate for 10 hours each day. You start at 4 a.m. and go until 10 p.m. Yes, there are breaks, meals and even a nightly lecture – but ten hours is still ten hours.

And remember how I said it lasts 10 days? Well, it’s only on the tenth day that you're allowed to talk. You heard me right. No talking for 9 days. And they’re strict about it. You basically live like a monk.

Sound impossible? It’s not. Unbearable? It can be. Some people leave early. Some people freak out. Some people (like me) get in trouble for doing yoga when they should be meditating or sleeping.

Yup, it's hard. But that’s why you need it. And did I mention it’s free?

Vipassana centers are located throughout the U.S. and all over the world. That means you shouldn’t have to travel too far to find one near you.

Learn more about retreats and sign up at dhamma.org.


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