5 Easy Ways to Detox Everyday

Right now you’re thinking, “I want to be healthier, but I don’t have a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be gnarly if the brain trust at LewisLovesYou provided some simple ways for me to detox everyday?”

You: Actually, I was thinking I’d binge season two of Ozark.

Here then are 5 easy ways to get your detox on with little effort:

Detoxing your liver

Three times a day, ideally twenty minutes before a meal, stir a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water and drink 'er down. This is a great way to help the liver do what it does best - get rid of impurities.

The brand of apple cider vinegar you use really matters since generic brands usually have inferior ingredients. I recommend buying from Bragg Live Foods since it's organic.

Detoxing your mouth

Ever hear of oil pulling? No, this has nothing to do with your car. The practice of oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique (ie. traditional Indian medicine) dating back 3,000 years that's linked to improved oral health and, therefore, greater overall health.

In a nutshell, oil pulling "pulls" toxins and bacteria from the mouth that would otherwise cause cavities and other oral diseases. Since bacteria can't travel as easily to the rest of the body it's believed that other health problems are curtailed (though there seems to be no official scientific consensus on this.)

Here's how to oil pull. On an empty stomach and right after you get out of bed, pop a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around vigorously for 10-20 minutes. Don't worry, you can do other things as you do this like read, feed the cat, or ignore yet another robocall; oil pulling is one of those rare things that's perfect for multitasking.

After 10-20 minutes, just spit the oil in the trash (not the sink!) since oil will eventually clog any drain. And never swallow it! Remember, oil pulling is like nature's mouthwash. And you'd never swallow that.

Side note: Make sure you use organic, cold pressed coconut oil. At the time of this writing, I still use the Garden of Life brand, but my opinion may change since Garden of Life was bought by Nestle not too long ago and multinational corporations can’t always be trusted.

Detoxing your phone

Did you know your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat? And 50 times dirtier than Stormy Daniels*?

*Can't prove this one, but it sounds right.

Yet, when's the last time you cleaned your cell phone? Let me guess. You wiped it down with your sleeve about six months ago after you had the flu. Yeaaaaaah, doesn't count.

Here's what does. Every morning (while you're oil pulling of course) put 5 drops of rubbing alcohol on a tissue and wipe the front and back of your phone until it glows like a lobbyist buying a senator.

Yes, do this everyday. It takes about 7.5 seconds and all but guarantees that you're not spreading germs.

Detoxing your hands

While hand sanitizers are good at killing germs, the problem is many brands kill every germ (not to mention they strip your hands of natural moisturizers.) This is bad news since there is beneficial bacteria in our hands that, when removed, cause us to lose some of our critical defenses against infections.

There's a better way to stop destructive bacteria and keep your immune system humming by using a hand sanitizer made with essential oils. I recommend EO Organic Hand Sanitizer. With zero synthetic fragrances and big antimicrobial benefits, it's a better alternative to products that have toxic chemicals like parabens, titanium dioxide and triclosan.

Just a small squirt will not only help disinfect, but the various scents smell fantastic. I sometimes even wear the lavender scent as cologne. Take that Calvin Klein.

Detoxing your mind

You probably already know that journaling is a proven way to enhance your well-being, mood and mindfulness. Unfortunately for many, the thought of journaling is a long, arduous process akin to digging ditches in the tundra.

Sounds like you need to try bullet journaling.

This form of journaling is not new, but it's rising in popularity because - true to it's name - you have the freedom to simply write whatever you're trying to express in quick, bulleted thoughts. Forget about trying to connect sentences to coherent paragraphs. Just write whatever thoughts come to mind in as many bullets as needed.

Yes, bullet journaling is essentially the Twitter of journaling, but without the character limit. Give it a try and before long you'll realize how effective it is at channeling thoughts and ideas into constructive solutions.


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