5 Ways to Feel Better in 30 Seconds

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Happy dog
You know you want to pet this guy.

So, you’re having a failtastic day. Maybe your cat puked on the rug again. Or maybe you puked on the rug again.

Or maybe Netflix just crashed in the middle of Wild, Wild Country right when you were about to find out if Bhagwan flails around naked like everyone else.

Instead of drowning your sorrows in Miller time, why not channel your pain into 5 LewisLovesYou-approved happy hacks?

1. Rock out a headstand

Yes, downtrodden friend, yoga will almost always make you feel better. A headstand is the perfect posture for lowering stress, anxiety, and depression and offers a great way to cleanse the lymphatic system. Plus, headstands are fun to do ... especially at dinner parties.

headstand, yoga

Don't be worried if you’ve never attempted one before. Falling is not failure; it's just awkward growth. Check out this video by renowned yogi Kino MacGregor for easy headstand tips.

And try to do a headstand for one minute every day, even when you're feeling good since inversions are designed to keep you clear and happy. Before long, you'll be wanting to bust out headstands wherever you go - even at meetings with prospective clients. Go for it, they’ll definitely appreciate it!*

*Results vary.

2. Look into a baby’s eyes

You know when you're sitting in a restaurant or on an airplane and a parent comes along with a baby and you think to yourself, "I really hope that kid doesn't start crying"? Then, the baby looks at you with a deep and penetrating gaze and next thing you know you're thinking, "Man, I really hope I don't start crying."

happy baby smiling baby

It’s pretty impossible not to feel an instant, deeper calm from the innocent stare of a child. That's because babies are pure in thought and have no guile. Connecting with them by simply sharing eye contact offers a feeling that yogis refer to as samadhi, a state of bliss brought on by a strong meditative moment. Maybe this is why great sages and avatars have always told us to turn to children for answers.

So go for it. Lower your stress and elevate your consciousness by simply holding a space for a baby to look at you.

Sidenote: don't stare back for more than 5 seconds. It always creeps the mothers out.

Sidenote to the sidenote: never scold the baby for staring longer than 5 seconds. It always creeps the mothers out.

3. Get some lavender in your lungs

Full disclosure - this one is pretty much a solution I recommend for everything. But, it seems to work best when your stress levels are elevated like an NBA point guard about to take a paternity test.

Just get a diffuser (here's a good one for a small price at Amazon), pour in 5-10 drops (make sure it's organic - I get my oils from mountainroseherbs.com), and let the lavender do its magic.

Step 1. Burn lavender. Step 2. Don't eat it.

I also burn it at night for better sleep and am always amazed how much faster it brings on the zzzzzz's as opposed to the times when I don't use it. PS - here's a helpful article on growing lavender.

4. Reset that third eye

The "third eye" is our sixth chakra and is believed to be our center of intuition and foresight. It therefore makes sense that when we feel stressed or sad, we often can't think clearly.

There's an easy remedy for helping to clear out the tension. Just put your index finger between your eyebrows, press firmly for 30 seconds and release.

girl meditating

Often times, this simple act can provide dramatic calm; some people say it's also effective at lowering or even relieving a headache. Make sure to breathe deeply while doing this to help slow down your heartbeat and really bring you back to the present moment.

5. Pet a random dog

As an unrepentant dog addict, the quality of my day is measured by how many people let me pet their dog as I walk (or jog) by. That's because dogs offer a lot more than friendship.

It should come as no surprise that petting our canine companions triggers the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. It can also lower your blood pressure.

Petting dogs also gives you the chance to talk to people which is obviously a great way to make new friends. With loneliness now considered an epidemic in America (in the last 50 years, rates have doubled in the U.S.), dogs can serve as a perfect bridge for connecting you with your fellow man.

So, give these 5 ideas a try right now or the next time you're in a funk. And if things still aren't better, I give you permission to watch this hilariously tragic video of people falling off of stretchers.


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