The Magic of Kombucha

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

bottles of kombucha

Long about the time the three wise men of the Middle East were bestowing Jesus with gold, some wise men of the Far East were gifting the rest of us with liquid gold – aka kombucha – a palate pleaser and gut cleanser that today is quickly becoming all the rage.

Known by its Chinese inventors as “immortal health elixir,” kombucha is a fermented concoction of tea, sugar and bacteria most recognized for improving digestion. How? It serves as a probiotic, that is, the healthy bacteria that line your intestinal tract and boost your immunity.

Beyond a digestive aid, many studies have shown kombucha to provide big benefits for a wide array of maladies, including heart disease, cancer and your everyday nuisances like acne and pesky ex-girlfriends* who won't stop Facebooking you.


And while I could talk forever about each of these, here’s a highlight of my three favorite reasons you should chuga-chuga kombucha everyday.

It powers your up

With some kombucha brands boasting up to 20 percent of your recommended daily allowance of B vitamins in just a 16-ounce serving, don’t be surprised when you discover an uptick in your energy level.

It lowers your ouch

Rich in antioxidants, kombucha can help decrease body inflammation. This means less risk of arthritis, heart and liver problems, and more.

It tastes great

Naturally carbonated from its fermentation process, kombucha has the fizzy flair of fountain drinks without the bastardized carbonation that soda companies force into their products. And because it’s lightly sweetened, many die hard pop drinkers have found it an ideal substitution.

Need a bonus reason? Astronauts drink it.

Get guzzling with these brands

So, now that you’re hooked on trying this sacred brew, you’re probably looking for a brand recommendation. My top two are Health-Ade and GT’s because of their limited sugar and organic ingredients. I suggest trying both.

Got a better brand? Email me and we’ll talk after class.


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